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As a Christian Gnostic, I treat the Gospels as authoritive……not necessarily factual, but True.
I can only base my belief system upon what I have experienced.   I have read many things attributed to Jesus, how He turned water into wine, and how He calmed the seas.

I don’t KNOW if Jesus existed, or if He did exist, if He did everything that was written about Him.  Now don’t get me wrong;  I am not saying that He did not do any of these things.    I am saying that I was not there to see it, and I can only base my belief system on things that I have witnessed or experienced.

Jesus may very well have calmed the seas, but in any event, that is something that transforms the hyle, material realm.   It would cause any witness to believe either in Jesus or in coincidence.   Seas go calm all the time;  people witness that all the time.

To me, people could argue these events all day long and miss something a bit more important.  There are seas and then there are seas;  the human spirit is a pretty vast turbulent sea.  We tend to give things importance that are of little eternal consequence, and perhaps overlook some things that are of paramount importance.

The Christ Spirit is that Spirit that we identify as coming from the outside Divine to help us find the inside Divine;  It is the Spirit of Love and Mercy, compassion based not on convenience but on conscience.   This is something that anybody could witness, with not much effort.  It is the Pharisatha of Christ; “The one who is spread out”.    Some call it Christ, some call it something else, but a rose is a rose.

…..Philip wrote “”Messiah” has two meanings, both “the Christ” and “the measured”.    The One who was measured stands as a yardstick for those of us seeking to be more than we thought we were;  awake, responsive, and seeking to do the things worthy of an heir to a Deity.

Let’s go back to the man Jesus; Jesus, just like us, had a choice.   He made his choices, and we make ours.  The man Jesus, some will argue, is just a legend.   Okay.   I try to pattern my choices after the ones that the legendary Jesus would have made.   More than that I follow the teachings attributed to Jesus both in biblical parable and Gnostic writings.

Now, I would not just do this to fill in my time.   Following a legend takes a lot of commitment and hard work;  I expect a semi immediate payoff or I’m moving on to something else;  Buddah perhaps or Mohammed.   But you see, I don’t have to do that;  following a legend in this case has paid off handsomly, and not with earthly coin.

Maybe some day there will be a Gnostic preacher on television, convincing millions of home viewers to dig deeply into their aunt Edna’s cookie jar to finance his mission of driving around in a luxury car that he parks in the garage of his multimillion dollar estate;  but I doubt it.   Once you’ve had a taste of the other side, those things are just small and petty, meaningless, compared to the sea of searchers clinging to one empty promise after another, dashing themselves against the shore of disappointed faith and baseless dreams, a tidal wave of humanity clinging to one guru after another.

I am not saying that I know it all;  There are times when I cross the veil and I do know it all, but to bring it back is impossible.   What you really bring back is the knowledge of how much we really do not know, how uncertain this realm is, how we cling to belief for the sake of belief.   Salvation is Gnosis of the Father.   That Gnosis, that experience,  has disturbing elements to it;  like how insignificant and baseless belief really is.    We as humanity, have built an elaborate reality of tissue paper.

The human version of reality absolves itself of all responsibility, always.   There is always a reason, preached from pulpits and podiums, why we are immune from personal repentance.   Yes, I believe that Jesus died for our sins.   To me, that means that Jesus died to open our eyes.   I don’t care if it’s politics or organized or personal belief;  the living Christ cannot carry our wrongdoings, He can just point them out, and point them out only in the way that an outsider can.   We have a choice at this point;  do we continue in what we know to be wrong; or do we seek to change how we do things?

You know, somehow, deep inside of you that we are all one humanity, sharing dreams and hopes, hurts and hatreds.   People are loving each other, hating each other, helping each other, and killing each other.    Christ, calm this sea.   If you can.

But then when you have that heart knowledge, what do you do with it?

I myself, don’t think we are allowed to sit on it, but must invest it in the Divine Central Bank.

Matthew;{Jesus Said}:25:14For it is as when a man, going into another country, called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods. 25:15And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one; to each according to his several ability; and he went on his journey. 25:16Straightway he that received the five talents went and traded with them, and made other five talents. 25:17In like manner he also that received the two gained other two. 25:18But he that received the one went away and digged in the earth, and hid his lord’s money……………………….

We can’t change humanity.  Christ cannot change all of humanity, or He would already have done it.   It can only be done, one person at a time, one act of charity at a time.   A person wakes up, here and there, from the deep sleep of death.   Sometimes those people look around, and go back to sleep.   Once in a while, once in a precious while, someone will wake up, look around and start to question the reality of their existence.    They start to seek, and occassionally they find, and when they find, they are disturbed, and when they are disturbed, Christ would not have it any other way.


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Human beings are a trinity.   Humans are made up of three different and distinct substances which combine to make the whole;

Each person has a material body, a mind, and a spirit. Similarly, the cosmos itself is viewed as having a tripartite structure. It consist of spirit (pneuma), soul (psyche) and matter (hyle).

The Hyle may be male or female or hermaphrodite.   The Hyle is matter based, and therefore imperfect.  The Hyle represents not only the physical body, but also the animal instincts that drive it, such as hunger, thirst, reproductive and sexual desires.  The hyle is the place of DNA and birth defects.

The Psyche represents mind and intellect, which is trained from birth to respond to the Hyle.  The Psyche may also be male or female, or any combination, and is dependent upon the physical brain and it’s wiring and storage capacity, it’s ability for imaginings and scheming to fulfill the desires of the Hyle.

The Psyche is what is able to hold a job, earn money go grocery shopping, plan a meal or a sexual encounter, providing the Hyle with the basic needs of the body, food, water, shelter, comfort and physical pleasure.  The Hyle reciprocates by sharing the physical pleasures with the psyche.

The Pneuma is androgynous, having neither male nor female, but is the animating spark from God that moves us into the higher ideals.  As we move further into Spiritual training the Pneuma allows us the observer position, where we step outside of ourselves to watch.   Even in non-spiritually minded persons, the phenomena of separation in a crises is pretty well documented.

The pointer for where we center ourselves in this circle of three is free to move, but requires a lot of training.   We must learn to be able to take the observer position at will, moving our center into the pneuma, transcending,(not fighting, but transcending)  the hyle and psyche.  This is also the same position we take when bringing healing, or using our other spiritual gifts.  A person centered in the pneuma is nearly immune from pain or desire, and may then engage in any rewiring of the Psyche, to overcome any personal issues.

There is absolutely no difference between persons who have centered themselves in the Hyle.   Straight or gay, teetotaler or drunkard the Hyle is matter centered and predestined for dissolution.   The same goes for drug abuse or other addiction problems, anger issues, or hyper appetites.

“He called out, saying: “Whoever has ears to hear about the infinities, let him hear!”; and “I have addressed those who are awake.” Still he continued and said: “Everything that came from the perishable will perish, since it came from the perishable. But whatever came from imperishableness does not perish but becomes imperishable. So, many men went astray because they had not known this difference and they died.”~Sophia of Jesus

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Archon simply translates as “ruler”.   We never translate it though because an Archon is different than a king or a president.

Archons rule over our lower selves, and are dualistic in their very nature.   They are the psychological manifestation of the very real human need for order, but they rule with random precision.  Archons are present wherever there are human beings and they are both inside of us and outside of us.  Gnostic scripture identifies Archons as minions of the demiurge.

Rather than talk about what Archons are, let’s examine some of the things that Archons do.

If a man is driving at three am through a small town in a blizzard, and comes upon a red light, he will instinctively stop due to the presence of an inner Archon.   That is obeying the law, and it is a good thing.   Now, when the light turns green again, by the time he gets traction it turns back to red.   There is not another soul on the road.   Common sense would dictate that he maintain traction and proceed.  The same inner Archon demands that he depress the brake peddle again.

It is an inner Archon that makes a pretty little schoolgirl purge.   It is the same Archon that ensures that she makes it to her classes on time.

Archons seek to maintain order and conformity first and foremost.  They apply Newtonian law to the human condition, making sure that as many people as possible are walking in lock-step, keeping the machinery of the lower creator well greased and turning at all times.

When seeking gnosis in a meditative state , we have to lift ourselves out of the realm of the demiurge, and learn to identify and reject these inner Archons.   The demiurge has left them strict orders to maintain his god-hood at all times, and an Archon is nothing if not obedient!

The demiurge does not want to lose his power base,you and me, and the Archons will fill you with fears and doubts, “you shouldn’t be doing this”, “you are not worthy to seek God”, “there is no God”, “you’ll burn in hell for this”, and on and on and on.   Yes, when you encounter an Archon, give it the boot, send it packing, but a thousand more will take it’s place.   There is no end to Archons, until you teach yourself to reject the entire realm of the demiurge.

Gnostic scripture records that Archons are very powerful spiritual beings also;  they can take the form of Angels(at least in the mind of the beholder).   Again, their agenda is always conformity, attempting to unify the human race under the banner of the demiurge.   They use the carrot and stick approach, but sometimes, as in the case of Norea, drop the carrot and go straight for the stick.

Be aware of anything that puts you in uniformity or attempts to make you subservient to another human being.  That is an Archon, hard at work doing what he does best, shaping society into a machine.   Religions, Governments, Institutions are all under the same banner, even when they appear to be at odds with each other.   The cogs in the machinery, those parts that seem to clash with each other, are the very things that keep the wheels of the demiurge turning.

Society would be a mess without Archons.  But Archons will also steer you toward the wrong god.

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